Pam Bakke

Craft Class with Pam Bakke February 17, 2024

Our next gathering on Saturday, February 17th will be a another FUN and culturally rewarding Craft Class!

We will be hosting the one and only Pam Bakke from Cherokee Nation Community and Cultural Outreach.

Pam is a Cherokee Craft Master! She has shared her talents with all Cherokee At-Large Communities in her position as Cultural Outreach Officer for the CNCCO.

Here is a list of the presentations she has mastered and teaches to Cherokees of all age groups and abilities.

Beaded Edged Medicine Pouches, Egg Gourd Masks, Small Bottle Gourd Rattles, Egg Gourd Rattles, Finger weaving, Cherokee Purse & Bandolier Bag Beadwork, Bead Applique Earrings, Corn Bead Necklaces, Gourd/Peyote Stitch Key Chains, Twining, Corn Husk Dolls.

Pam is a person who loves to teach and share our Cherokee Culture. She makes her classes fun, entertaining and instructional!

For our Craft Gathering we have asked Pam to teach the art of making Beaded Edged Medicine Pouches.

In Cherokee Culture Medicine Pouches are extremely sacred and special. When worn they provide spiritual protection to it’s owner. The medicine pouch usually contains tobacco or the four traditional medicines; tobacco, sweet grass, sage, and cedar. A medicine pouch may also contain a particular token that is special or sacred to the person who owns the medicine pouch.

These will be made of leather and all materials will be provided. We just need you to show up and bring your personal moxie! We know you will be ᎠᎵᎮᎵᏍᏗ a-li-he-li-sdi (glad) you did!

Please RSVP below along with the number of people attending within your group. We want to be sure we have enough materials for everyone who would like to learn the art of making beaded medicine pouches. ᏩᏙ Wado! 

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