Cherokee Nation Town Hall
 At-Large Patient Experience

Joined hands

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What we covered:

  • Navigating Health Services: Discover how to easily access the health services you need.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Delve into the advancements and ongoing challenges within Cherokee healthcare.
  • Meet the Patient Experience Team: Get introduced to the dedicated team committed to enhancing your healthcare journey.

Deep Dives Into:

  • Innovative Healthcare Initiatives: Learn about the cutting-edge efforts to improve health services.
  • Vision for Community Well-being: Hear about the visionary approaches toward fostering community health and wellness.

At-Large Patient Experience Webinar


We're thrilled to share the recorded town hall and virtual discussions that shines a light on the expansive realm of At-Large Health Services within the Cherokee Nation, along with a special spotlight on the groundbreaking work of the Patient Experience team.

Wado! to our Speakers.

Principal Chief
Chuck Hoskin

At-Large Tribal Council Members
Dr. Julia Coates
Mr. Johnny Kidwell

Cherokee Nation Health Services
Brian Hail

Cherokee Nation Patient Care Team
Jennifer Lewandowski

Sean ᏙᏧᏩ Sikora.

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