tsa-la-gi nu-li-ta-ni-do-lv

Cherokee History

  • Cherokee Women

    Long before the arrival of the white man, women enjoyed a major role in the family life, economy, and government…

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  • Booger Masks

    TAHLEQUAH, Okla. -- When a call went out looking for the Cherokee considered the most knowledgeable in gourd mask making,…

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  • Water

    ᎠᎹ ᎢᏓᎪᎸᎠ ᎢᎩᏂᎬᎪᎢ ᏳᏓᎭᎢ A-ma i-da-go-lv-a i-gi-ni-gv-go-i yu-da-ha-i We all need to go to water sometimes! For the Cherokee a…

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